5 Minutes Calve Workout for Bigger Calves

The strength of your calves can change the way you live. If you don’t understand why you need to work on your calves and not the rest of your body, you need to know that even if you don’t work out, you still keep using your calves. From the time you wake up and walk yourselves to the bathroom to the time you stand behind a line waiting for your coffee even when you walk to the nearby subway station, everything involves the strength of your calves. The main idea is that calves help your ankles and your feet to stabilize so, basically, they reduce the chance of injury if they are used well.

On the contrary, if you jump and when landing you don’t have strong enough calves, your ankles will have to work as a shock absorber. In this case, there is a high chance of injury. The main goal is to help your calves become stronger but to do so you have to offer a cushion on the side that will help with the shock absorption. The idea is that your strength is dependent on muscle use and muscle mass, so bigger muscles will help you improve your strength so you can perform daily tasks much more easily.

With the help of this article, we will explore some of the best and most used workouts that will help you train your calves. These exercises will not only help you get bigger and calves muscles but also improve the strength of your muscles over time.

Usually, workouts are at least 45 minutes long. However, when it comes to leg day, you will have to target each muscle separately so you can work on all leg muscles. Since these workouts will only help you target the calves, you must add other strength-based workouts for hamstring, glutes, hips, love handles, ankles, heels, and more. Just a five minutes workout targeting each muscle will be enough so you will be able to work on each muscle without skipping any.

Toe Raise

This is a simple yet very effective workout. For this workout, you have to stand on your tiptoes for at least a few seconds and then get back to the original position. However, you need to keep in mind that you cannot stand on the ground directly, instead, you have to stand on a raised box or stairs so you can easily land on your feet. This workout is good for strengthening the muscles as well as improving the mass.

Calf Flex

For this workout, you will sit down and then keep your back and your feet straight. Now use a resistance band and tuck it near your toe area. After that use the power of the resistance band and move just the toes area that will tug the back muscles as well. Eventually, this will impact the way you move.

Jump Rope

This is pretty simple and effective. You will stand still and adjust your rope first, however as you start to jump keep in mind that you don’t have to land in the middle or on your heel. The goal is to land on your toes only so you can easily work on your calves.

Incline Treadmill

This is a very simple workout as you will simply follow the direction of your treadmill. You can stand on the treadmill and adjust the incline mode that will be similar to the uphill movement. Now, as you start to move, keep in mind that your focus will be on using the toes that will gently help you work on your calves. This will eventually help you improve your strength as well as increase your mass of calves.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, this five minutes workout will be ideal for you if you have been feeling tired after a workout. In most cases, when people run and hike after a long time, they face extreme muscle pain because their muscles are not strong enough. With good mass and muscle strength, your body will not only look good, but it will also help you to perform your daily life tasks in a much easier way. The main goal of every workout is that since you cannot directly work on the calves because they are attached to the immovable part of the leg, you will work your feet that will tug on the calves so you can work it out.

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