Health Benefits of Pearl Millet / Bajra

Main Name: Pearl Millet
Biological Name: Pennisetum glaucum

Millet is also known as ‘Bajra’ in Hindi, ‘Kambu’ in Tamil, ‘Sajjalu’ in Telugu, ‘Vari’ in Gujarati,  ‘Bajri’ in Marathi, ‘Kambam’ in Malayalam, ‘Sajje’ in Kannada. We have mentioned below few of the benefits of millet and why it should be included in our diet.

Health Benefits of Pearl Millet (Bajra):

  1. Millet contains numerous healthy nutrients which are required by the body for its proper functioning. Copper and Iron contents in millet is required to improve blood oxygenation and for the productions of blood cells. Phosphorous content in millet is required to control blood pressure. Rich Iron content in millet makes one of the best foods for curing anemia. Natural calcium deposit in millet helps in strengthening the bones if it is consumed on regular basis.
  2. Consuming millet in adequate amount helps in reducing the risk of  coronary artery disorder and sunstroke.
  3. Millet contains Vitamin B which helps in reducing  fats and carbohydrates efficiently. It also protects the blood vessels from hemorrhage and atherosclerosis.
  4. Millet contains high amount of proteins in it and that is the reason that it is the most loved healthy food grain among vegetarians.
  5. Millet contain an amino acid called tryptophan, which lowers our appetite and helps in weight management. Digestion of millet is at a slower rate and due to that it keeps our stomach full for a longer period. Due to high fiber contents in Millet it satiates our hunger quickly, preventing us from overeating. Those who want to lose weight should incorporate millet in their daily meals.
  6. Millet are best known to help minimize the risk of cancer occurrence. Though it is not yet proved by science, but scientist believe that it has something to do with the extraordinary amount of magnesium and the compound phytate.
  7. Millet contains magnesium which helps in relaxing the muscles inside of the arterial wall and helps to reduce blood pressure. Millet also helps in reducing the frequency of migraines and severity of asthma.
  8. Millet is completely gluten-free. People who suffer from Celiac cannot tolerate gluten. This makes millet a perfect food for them since it is completely gluten-free.
  9. Millet is very powerful in controlling diabetes. Millet with its high fiber content digests slowly and releases glucose into the blood at slower rate as compared to other foods. This helps to maintain blood sugar level constant in diabetes patients for a longer period of time.
  10. Millet has very high amount of antioxidants present in it which helps to fights free radicals present in the body and slow down the ageing process.
  11. Millet contains an amino acid called lysine, which slows down muscle degradation and helps to build leaner muscles.
  12. Millet contains Tryptophan which raises the serotonin level in our body and helps our body with stress reduction.
  13. Millet contains high level of magnesium and due to that millet can be a great food for women’s who experience unbearable pain and cramps during their menstrual cycle.
  14. Lipoic, an antioxidant found in millet helps to increase blood circulation in the body to reduce acne and fine lines on the skin.
  15. Pearl millet can be used for curing stomach ulcers. The most common cause for stomach ulcers is excess acidity in the stomach after food intake. Pearl millet turns the stomach alkaline and prevents formation of stomach ulcers or minimizes the effect of ulcers.
  16. Pearl Millet is recommended for people suffering from high cholesterol levels. Pearl millet comprises a type of phyto chemical called phytic acid which is supposed to increase cholesterol metabolism and stabilize the levels of cholesterol in the body.

Benefits of Pearl Millet / Bajra For Hair:

  1. Millet is super rich in protein, a highly recommended nutrient for people suffering from hair loss. So an adequate intake of millet strengthens hair, making it stronger and less prone to breakage.
  2. Millet contains Magnesium which helps in reducing inflammation in the scalp to treat conditions like psoriasis, eczema, dandruff and psoriasis.
  3. Pearl Millet help to promote the circulation of blood circulation in the scalp and encourage hair growth.
  4. Stress increases cortisol level in the body leading to massive hair shedding. Magnesium present in millet control hair loss by reducing cortisol level in the body.

Precautions while taking Pearl Millet / Bajra

It is not safe to consume Pearl Millet when suffering from lose bowel movements or other ailments. Doctors also recommend avoiding pearl millet in the summer season as it can cause digestive problems and discomfort. Pearl Millet (Bajra) is best consumed in winter season.

Pearl Millet  / Bajra Nutrition Facts

Crop / Nutrient Protein(g) Fiber(g) Minerals(g) Iron(mg)
Pearl millet 10.6 1.3 2.3 16.9

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