Top 3 Exercises to Add To Your Home Workout

After the pandemic, people now like to work out at home. There is no doubt that the pandemic is finally over and people would leave houses and get on with their lives; however, the majority have adapted to the at-home facilities and they are now ditching the conventional ways of working, earning money, shopping, and working out. You will see that most people are now looking for remote jobs or jobs that offer work-from-home facilities because they like to stay home. However, this stay-at-home working policy is now impacting the health of the individuals as well. Staying at home means easy access to food which also means that every time you will get bored, you can go to the kitchen and get something to eat. This binge-eating means weight gain without doing anything extra. Now you will see most people with fat bags because they have either gained a lot of weight or they are just out of shape.

This is where the concept of home gyms flourished. You will see a hike in-home gym equipment during this time as well. More people started investing in portable at-home gym equipment so people could just set up a simple gym at any corner of their house. However, with all this equipment you need to keep in mind that everyone can not invest in this equipment. Also, since this equipment is potable they cost much more and they break easily as well. This is the reason it is better to only get very few pieces of equipment for the home gym and then use this equipment to select simple workouts that can help you meet your goal.

With the help of this article, we will look at some of the easiest workouts that require little to no equipment. Most of the equipment used in the exercise will either have alternatives or the used equipment are very affordable.

Top 3 Exercises To Add To Your Home Workout

Stretching Workouts

To start you need some basic stretching workouts. This will include yoga. You can start with different moves. So far the best way to start the starching is to include bridge, cow cat pose, cobra pose as well as downward dog pose. All these poses are good for full-body stretching so you don’t feel the strain on your muscles.

Basic Cardio Workouts

For cardio, you can add knee push ups along with classic pushups, lunges, and chair squats with some basic push-ups and pull-ups. For people who have never workouts before you can start with knee push-ups and incline push-ups so you can move to the actual push-ups. Similarly, if you are struggling with squats you can start with chair squats. This will help you get into the habit so the actual squat will get easier for you.

Calorie Burning Exercises

For calorie-burning your exercise should be intense enough that you no longer have to look for other options. However, these exercises will only be good if you have enough flexibility and you are not a beginner. Otherwise, these intense exercises can cause serious strain which can cause injury as well. The best exercises that you can choose include crunches, bicycle crunches, side crunches, sidekicks, hip thrust, hammer curls, bicep curls, and bench presses.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to your daily workout. You can select any move you want. However, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that your workout needs to be aligned with your goal. If you want to lose weight your workout should be mainly calorie-burning moves that are usually variations of cardio. However, if you just want to get toned muscles or you want to gain muscle mass you need to focus on weight lifting as well. This requires you to invest in weight-based equipment so you can start your weight training. However when at home, you will have so many different things that you can use as an alternative so make sure you know what you are going to use in case you don’t have the right equipment.

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